Welcome to Beat the MMPI

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) has always been and no doubt will continue to be; one of the gold standards of personality testing used within the psychological and clinical environment, employment and legal sectors. The single most important reason for this is the countless number of studies that have shown the MMPI-2 as an accurate measurement of the scales (conditions or personality traits) it has been designed to measure.

The importance of the MMPI-2 is undeniable, you can gain or lose employment due to its results, and it is used in Legal system to show suitability or unsuitability towards the desired results of Court action.  And because of this, the MMPI-2 is tightly regulated and controlled so that only trained professionals are allowed to administer and interpret the test which will almost certainly come with a hefty fee. Once a subject has completed the test, it is strongly advised that the clinician should keep the results from the client/patient claiming…

  • They were not designed or intended to be provided directly to clients.
  • The reports contain trade secrets and are not to be released in response to requests under HIPAA (or any other data disclosure law that exempts trade-secret information from release).


The University of Minnesota Press is the publisher of the MMPI® instruments, representing the Regents of the University of Minnesota, and is exclusively licenses 'Pearson Assessment' to produce, market, and sell the MMPI test products and to offer scoring and interpretive services.  Any attempts to deviate from revealing ‘trade secrets’ or administering the test without a fee are heavily pursued by Pearson’s and psychological clinicians who derive an income from the administering of the MMPI tests.

Those with invested interests in the MMPI series of tests absolutely consider it unethical to ….


  • Provide the test under any situation which will make it invalid i.e. it must “be completed in a controlled environment and monitored in order to assure that the client has taken the test under appropriate conditions” (this means a fee).
  • Advise, instruct or educate a client, patient or person into the design, construction or engineering of report creation of the MMPI


This website therefore is designed for those people who find the idea of a personality test that can have a detrimental determination on employment and legal situations being made privileged information and controlled by a profession with a mandate on secrecy unethical. This website is for those who find it morally inexcusable to have their ability to influence their life in a positive direction by gaining knowledge blocked.  And of course, this guide is for those who might have to take this test and want to get an edge on how to appear normal.